Measurement system development
ARCoptix provides their customers with complete design solutions ranging from concept to final prototypes and production. Their engineering capabilities include design and tolerancing of optical and mechanical parts as well as electronic system design. ARCoptix is prepared to meet its customers' demanding system requirements.
ARCoptix core capabilities includes:
  • Optical design (ray-trace, diffractive element design, specification for illumination and detection)
  • Mechanical engineering (Housing, alignment, packaging)
  • Electronics (detection, digital conversion, supply, motor driving)
  • Signal processing (algorithms, drivers, software implementation)
  • Micro-optical, Micro-Mechanical and Liquid crystal technologies
  • Patent protection
Some examples of custom systems realized by ARCoptix:
Miniature spectrometer modules:
We have developed in collaboration with the engineering school in Biel and the institute of microtechnology the Worldwide first two commercially available miniature Fourier transform spectrometers. One is based on Polarization optics and the other on micro fabrication technology.
Miniature Self-mixing interferometer:
Robust interferometric based instrument for the accurate measurement of the velocity of roughness surfaces. Ideal for the characterization of watch movements.
Integrated pressure sensing systems:
Integrated pressure control by mounting micro-mechanical components in watches. All pressure values are saved on a MMC memory card and the device has a usb connection for software control and quality insurance.
Custom Spectrometer for flash lamp source certification:
Calibrated Spectrophotometer with a double measurement channel for characterizing the Irradiance of flash lamp Including photo-sensor triggering, programmable delays and dedicated software interface.
We have also developed many other systems such as: multiple Optical tweezers systems, low cost DIC microscope (based on plastic birefringent elements), LIDAR (optical design), interferometric topology measurement system,...

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